Just Experience the enticing culinary utilizing well sourced ingredients whilst challenging common perceptions around Asian food.
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Pan A convergence of modern Pan-Asian cuisine, served throughout an opulent and memorable dining journey.
-Asian Hunger c c
Experience Bringing innovative Pan-Asian culture to life through mouth watering creations.
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Sushi & Sashimi

Our Story

About us

A Pan Asian Restaurant and a perfect escape for an authentic oriental experience to enliven and elevate the new levels of gastronomic pleasure.

What Customers Say

Went back to Cocochan with family after a long while and their food and service are still unbeatable. We had to wait for a good 40 minutes but it was all so worth it!

Sarmad Hayat

Amazing food at amazing price points. The ambience is done in a great clean way albeit it's a bit cramped. The food is exquisite and their beef chilli dry and spicy beef Curry is a must try.

Hammad Muhammad

Everything about cocochan is superb. It's a budget friendly place with a wide range of options and very tasty food. The interior is my favourite, being so grand and artistic.

Ayesha Khalid

Our best specialties

Scrumptious sushi platters, fermented fish wrapped in sour rice, delivering an artful dining experience.

Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm